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Maths tuition for GCSE ...... Years 9, 10 and 11 students



All my tuition spaces are full for the academic year 2023-2024

Information current at 21 March 2024

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About Winchester Maths

Students come to my home for tuition, and I live near to Waitrose. My tuition is face-to-face, one-to-one. This enables me to establish a rapport with my students, build their confidence and hence increase their maths proficiency.

Many maths skills should be learned at an early age and it is important that they are mastered well. However it is never too late to build these skills, even at secondary school.

If a student is struggling with maths then I will help fill in the gaps in their understanding and give encouragement to restore their confidence.

As a personal maths tutor, I have the flexibility to go back to earlier topics, to explain any misunderstandings and to reinforce previous knowledge. .....

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About Sue Tromans

Hello. My name is Sue Tromans and I provide GCSE maths tuition in Winchester. I am DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checked, of course. I offer each student my personal experience, patience and enthusiasm to help them with their maths studies.

I have a BSc degree in maths and physics and taught maths when I left university. I then worked in the computer industry for IBM for many years. Having decided to return to teaching, I set up the Kumon after-school Maths Centre in Chandler’s Ford. .....

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Emily came to Sue to help improve her maths performance. Already very numerate, she wanted help with various topics she was studying at school.

”Sue has really helped me a lot over the course of the year with both my confidence and mental work in maths. I enjoy maths now!” Emily


"I just wanted to thank you so much for helping me with my GCSE maths over the past few months. Your tuition really helped me so much, and I'm so happy with my top grade! I can't really thank you enough, but you've really made such a difference and I now feel a lot more confident with maths as I go into sixth form." Amber


"Top grade in maths for both the girls. Thank you so much for all the help and confidence that you gave them both, it made a huge difference to their understanding of maths and confidence in tackling their exam." Jane BRuleoff

"Without Sue, I don't think maths would have been possible. Instead of being a chore and something I couldn't understand, it became better and easier to complete. Now I can do it confidently and am able to do the subjects that I wanted to do in college." Jessica

Olly joined Sue to improve his confidence and numeracy in plenty of time for his GCSEs

"Before I started doing maths with Sue, I didn't like it and I was not making much progress. Now I have a much more positive attitude towards maths and am making huge progress...." Olly

"My son's confidence at Maths has grown enormously due to Sue's tutoring skills. So has his ability. We are delighted." Jane M

"Dear Sue, Thank you so much for the intensive work you did with Joe prior to his GCSE maths exam. I know he wouldn't have passed without your help. Hopefully, he's already called to say he passed!" Caroline

"I have always been decent at maths but never quite able to grasp everything right away. Sue helped me build up my confidence and in the end I achieved the highest grade at GCSE with her help! My dad is really happy and so am I :-) !" Jamie